Dirndl in linen

Dirndl in Linen

I really only needed a big handful of black buttons for Father’s cassock, but I knew they were having a sale, too, so I set aside a secretive afternoon to poke around my local fabric shop. First I picked up a bolt of wide-wale cashmere corduroy in a dusty forest color that I was absolutely sure I had to have. Then I found the bolt of Austrian loden in the back of the back room of the store. Corduroy who?

I got a deal – really, a steal. And came home with almost four and a quarter yards. It was all they had left.

I knew the moment I saw it that it was meant to be a dirndl. Somewhere in the piles of yarn and fabric and patterns and toiles that I have stashed in the corners and cupboards of my house was the cardboard pattern I drafted for myself years ago and the toile I made of it. Wonder of wonders, I found them, and the toile still fits!

But what’s more, in my rummaging I also found the linen dirndl I had begun years ago, but had inexplicably abandoned and forgotten. I remember embroidering it with edelweiss while sitting on the porch of my husband’s boyhood home several summers ago. I can’t remember why I set it aside. All the pieces were there. I had only to assemble it. 

So first I will finally realize my dirndl in linen. But with a difference.

I’ve decided to close up the front and put a zipper in the side so that I can wear it as a jumper and not bother with an apron. A little more suited to modern, daily use – at least for me.

I’ll leave out the piping along the seams in the back since they’d end awkwardly at the waist – awkward because there won’t be an apron sash to afford them someplace to arrive. And I don’t feel like putting piping around the waistline. I guess that might be nice. But rather bulky at the zipper.

Maybe next I’ll put some patch pockets on the front. For keys and tissues and barrettes. And lipstick, obviously. But then again, maybe not. I think it might make the pleats lay funny. I’ll have to play with that a little.

Another day.

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  1. Susan-Jayne Caballero
    6 March 2019

    This is the most beautifully written discovery for all of us who share a love of “found” fabrics at the back of a fabric store…..a treasure tucked in a nook between other bolts….and the imagination that takes over for what we can make. Dressmakers all have a bit of Arachne woven into our hearts. For the love of the cloth…….


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